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Meet Shar

Shar Veda is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor, Yoga Therapist, Health Educator, Energy Worker, author, herbalist, astrologer, and divine cook. She is also an advanced practitioner of the art of Nuad Boron Thai Yoga Bodywork with acupressure and tapping. 


A spiritual, God loving woman, down to Earth and connected to heaven, Shar's ability to read and move energy paired with a deep understanding of basic human need to be seen, cared for and nourished, has helped thousands of people in a  calm, quiet manner reclaim ease in their body, mind, spirit and get their light back. Her humble attitude paired with humor and a light-bright smile washes down easy like her cooking! 


Shar Veda loves food and fitness! God's grace comes through her when she cooks, bakes, serves, does healing work, and movement. Cooking and baking is meditation and prayer for Shar. She enjoys singing mantra in kitchen service flow. Her food is deeply nourishing, local, in season, non-flashy and yummy so it's fun to dig right in. Her favorite cuisines are Healthy American Comfort food and Thai! She also enjoys raw, keto, paleo, Mediterranean, and vegetarian but is not stuck on one diet. Each individuals needs are different, change, and will be assessed  with meals prepared accordingly. 

Shar Veda works with people of all ages, historically affluent men and women 50+ and girls and young women 12-25. Author of Starseed Nation: Ascension into 5D and hundreds of sustainable health and beauty articles , Shar has been supporting private clients and families since 2005.

Founder of Big Island Wellness Delivered, Shar is currently accepting new clients for virtual wellness support and interviewing potential clients for in person wellness support also known as house calls. All new clients interested in house calls must present with 2 forms of ID, 2 references, and a background check. She reserves the right to decline services at all times. 

A new website is underway with a marketplace, services, and live stream and will be live no later than February 2022. Thank you for your patience. And tell us, what services would you like to see? We are considering adding other practitioners to fulfill various health needs and allowing the therapists to charge their own rates, making it more of cooperative. If interested, please email Shar (Sharon) direct. 

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"Sharon's thai yoga energy sessions are one of my favorite things on earth. She is a unique soul with beautiful inner light and just having her in my home fills it with positive energy."

Kyle H.  McIntyre


1:1 Virtual Support 

One hour virtual 1:1 wellness support.

Ayurvedic mini assessment, energy work, tuning, talking, Whole House Tropical Astrology reading with transits, progressions, and lunar nodes (karmic astrology) or astral cartography (location astrology) to know what energies will be there to greet you before you relocate. 


$99 USD 


Loyalty Clients. Royal Support:
House Calls 

Angelic Rejuvenation delivered tailored to your needs which we discuss when you book. Choose from yoga therapy, fitness, energy/bodywork, healthy 

dinner, and dessert, or assisted cleanse with herbal teas, local juices, fruits, meditation, walking and yoga.

$999 USD per day. On the new site you will be able to bid.

Local, organic food included, Hawaii food safety certified.+


"Healthy American Comfort Food is my fave."

Organic pumpkin cupcakes with ginger cardamom cream cheese frosting and butternut squash chili with cinnamon, jalapeño, cayenne, onion, garlic, black beans, tomatoes, and bell peppers. All local! Slow cooked, healthy, American comfort food is my favorite. 

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