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40 Day Reset. Connect to your Higher Self.

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Sacred Self-Care Ritual. The Reset. 40 Holy Days

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February 26, 2020. Flying back from a work week in Hawaii, heading to San Diego to visit my niece for her 20th birthday. Coronavirus is spreading throughout the United States gaining government and media attention; but I think nothing of it.

“Just protect your immune system when you fly, like the flu.” I tell the guy next to me on the plane, mixing a packet of Vitamin C + electrolytes in water.

“Just like the flu, huh?” he says between dry coughs to the aisle, “San Diego never declared a state of emergency for the flu.”


Two weeks later, COVID is everywhere, US mandates social distancing. I am laid off and don’t get unemployment or stimulus because I work out of the country half the year, an east coast family member is scheduled for a double mastectomy, two family members need financial assistance… (insert more personal drama here).

Worry hits me in the chest like bee-bee gun pellet, pew-pew-pew!

When will I be able to teach again? How can I plan events when no-one knows what is happening? Will I lose all my contracts? I need to send money to ___ and visit ___!


Somewhere high above in angelic realm, my guides play a woa is you fiddle accompanied by harp and the fight in me bends its knees and folds its hands in prayer.

When winds of change blow beyond our control, human survival keys lie in adaptability. Like trees bending in the wind; when we relax rigidity and flow gracefully into right action we usually find a way to thrive rather than just survive.

I admit, not so long ago, I would spin out when things went wrong and kind of enjoyed it. Luxuriated in it in a double Taurus kind of way … I might complain to friends, drink wine, eat pizza, order sh++ from online stores, watch old movies, book days at the spa, and have long conversations with friends that literally meant nothing to me. But numbnut Neptunian mirages of comfort don’t wake you up or move you forward.

And what I learned after trying to never be depressed or anxious for two decades, is depressed, anxious energy is still energy and with the right alchemical equation, we can transmute those lower vibrational energies into higher vibrational tones of strength, love, humor, and so on.

We always have the choice to turn the chaotic core of panic, depression, and worry, with a little cultivation into light and love. I have found through my own trials and tribulations that the following method works every time.

Enter Sacred Self Care Ritual. 40 Days, 40 Nights.

Envision a golden triangle. ⚠️

At the top is Spirit; the bottom two points are Body and Mind. Trying to leave out one point of this triad without the negative effect of imbalance is impossible; the key then to effective self-worship (I promise you’re allowed) is honoring all three. I find it best to go gross to subtle — body, mind, spirit.


First things first. No alcohol (not even that nightly glass of wine while you cook). No smoking marijuana. Those things go for 40 days.

Next, Exercise. Mornings are best. Because we are on lockdown, I can’t go to the gym or a yoga studio but fortunately, I have a stationary bike, a set of weights, a yoga mat, a roller, and some resistance bands. In the morning, I either cycle 10 miles and do weighted lunges, squats, deadlifts, shoulder and chest presses or Pilates and Yin Yoga.

Then, I dry brush my skin, take a salt bath or a shower, and moisturize with a pure oil like jojoba or a good, high vibe skin cream. I dress comfy (duh!), make a cuppa tea and some breakfast. If the sun is out, I drink a few rays.


For the mind, meditation, continuous learning, and abstaining from violent entertainment (always!) is my Sacred Self Care Ritual.

Usually, I meditate around 1pm because I have commitments in the morning. I know people like to meditate before the sun comes up but right now, this is my ritual. Rituals evolve with life cycles. So, meditation. In order for me to meditate, I create an ambiance that is nurturing and calming but won’t put me to sleep.

I light a candle and incense on my alter, sound the tuning fork or gong the crystal pyramid (the vibration tells my mind mediation is coming) and set my alarm for 3O minutes. Closing my eyes, I ground into Earth energy, allow Galactic energy to wash over me, and work with inward visualization and breathing until my alarm goes off. Usually, I move into childs pose and do some light stretching before getting up.

Continuous Learning. Right now, I am applying for my MA Counseling. But always, always I am reading something, taking an online course, and love a good documentary.


For spirit, my Sacred Self-Care Rituals are keeping my surroundings beautiful and organized, practicing walking mantra meditation (OM MANE PADME HUM), prayer, gratitude, being in nature, spending time with loved ones including animal friends, cooking, and service work.

Being in Nature is my favorite Sacred Self-Care Ritual in that list. Besides wading in the ocean or hiking in the mountains, I simply love to watch sunset and the stars at night. Sacred Self Care Ritual works best for me in that order, body, mind, spirit. Gross to subtle. If I try to skip one or go the other way, it is less effective.

No need to wait for another Lockdown to do it though. Sacred Self-Care Ritual works anytime you need a re-set because routine is calming and when you’re calm you have a much clearer connection with your higher-self. With patience and consistency for 40 days, you’ll transmute the lower emotions too like depression and anxiety to gratitude, acceptance, and happiness, even if they fluxuate time to time.

When you put time into your golden BMS triangle every day for 40 holy days, you will see and feel the upgrade no question. Days build like pearls on a necklace though so it’s important not to miss a day or the strength of the chain will break. Make the commitment to yourself with Love and Dedication! You are worth it!

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