• Shar Veda

8 Full Body Outdoor Exercises

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Gym free for one month now in the Sacred Valley of Pisac, Peru, I've had to get creative with my workouts. Here are 8 short burst videos of exercises you can do Cave Woman Style with rocks, yes rocks, weights, or nothing at all.

Travelers and fans of firm bodies in developing countries or remote locations will find this useful. Is that you? Come on, the gym is easy but boring and most likely you drive there and get on a machine. Sure, it gives quick results but sometimes, when life is an ever changing adventure, you gotta let go and try something new. I've come along way since having a fit when trainers at the gym changed out the flex bands I preferred ... I used to be super resistant to change I wasn't in control of and my body and spirit started to get a bit rigid. Now I embrace change, am closer to nature than ever, and my spirit is thankful.

"Be like water." - Bruce Lee.

1. Cross Body Punches to tone entire upper body. 5 sets of 20 or as many as you can.

2. Overhead Side Bend to re-align neck, open sides, strengthen shoulders and abs.

5 sets of 20.

3. Rock Side Bend for firm, flexible obliques. 5 sets of 20.

4. Overhead Shoulder Punch to firm triceps and shoulders. 5 sets of 20.

5. Bent Over Row for strong back and lats. 5 Sets of 20.

6. Straight Leg Deadlift to perkify butt, firm hamstrings, strengthen low back and abs. 5 sets of 20.

7. Bent Over Reverse Fly to strengthen rear shoulders and upper back. 5 sets of 20.

My posture is not perfect in this one, I have long nails and I am holding rocks. For me, it's not about perfection at this point in life, it's about movement, strength, breathing fresh air, being in nature, flexibility, creativity and good work while I travel, meet people, enjoy new cultures and the ways of the world.

8. Side Lunge with martial arts arms for super strong, flexible gluten, quads, hamstrings, abs with a healthy dose of cardio as icing on the cake. 10 x 3 sets.

Love Your Favorite Taurus Moon and Sun,

Shar Veda.