• Shar Veda

Earth's Root Chakra Speaks - "Full Disclosure"

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Lena, the main character of Star Seed Nation Ascension into 5D, spilled from my hand onto paper during the Venus Retrograde of 2012, while living in Wilmington, North Carolina. The book was originally set to be about an intuitive 15 year old girl from a long line of women seers and healers, reconnecting with her dead Grandma and welcoming the elements in a sort of Rite of Passage.

However, when I moved to Southern Oregon, 75 miles north of Mt, Shasta, California, I picked up a channel, I'm calling it Earth Root Chakra Channel, that insisted on being included. Inner Earth, Galactic Council, hybrids, agenda, and extreme weather poured forth. I simply allowed myself to do automatic writing and whole new scenes were birthed.

However, 9 months after publishing, I am in contact with Alfred Lambrement Weber and becoming familiar with Corey Goode of Sphere Being Alliance whose ideas and facts are in alignment with the channel I picked up. 

Star Seed Nation Ascension into 5D is based in 2025 North Carolina, United States of America. 15 year old Lena clashes with her family when a level 4 hurricane causes a chemical spill, turning water restrictions critical overnight. Lena hopes to help with cleanup but her father, a high profile lawyer (hybrid), whose client is responsible for the spill, and her commercial producing Hollywood uncle who is so wealthy he owns an island (hybrid), view the water crisis as a chance to make even more money... and instead invest in a water substitute!

Totally not in alignment with her family's selfish view of the world, a new understanding of herself and her mission on Earth emerge as she forms new alliances that ultimately lead her to a seat at Galactic Council Inner Earth Roundtable Chapter. 

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