• Shar Veda

Fourth of July & Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

The beauty in this one is Family, Friends, Hard Work, Gratitude and Focus.

Beautiful 4th of July Celebration last night with dinner, dancing Family and friends. Simultaneously, celebrating the finale of 3 big eclipses.

Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ruled by Saturn, Kronos, revealed its beauty in militant fashion with two horizontal stripes over the ocean last night. I wish I captured it but I was deep in thought listening to and receiving the message.

"Time to organize your work space, structure your days, pull up your will-power. The beauty in this one is hard work and focus."

I've been in Hawaii a month now. Friday, took my first Research Methodology exam via ProctorU. I received a 90%

However, I have a meeting with my professor Dr. Terrell this week to go over two of the questions in the exam, I feel I answered correctly and before when I believe this was true, it was and my grade was actually higher.

Enjoying this final foundational course before I apply for Master's Counseling Psychology at University of Hawaii where I will focus on my own translational research with the minds of youth, effects of lifestyle and belief, what can we really do?

How about fine tuning Telepathy during the language explosion years and expanding it from there. Interested? Reach out. I will be organizing this research over the next few years.

Happy 4th ! What are you working on?

Fourth of July / Capricorn Eclipse Celebration with Family.

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