• Shar Veda

North & South Nodes of the Moon

Updated: Apr 8

As a Sag North Node, I miss traveling. There is alot more of South America and Asia I want to explore and then there's Egypt. Ahhh, Egypt. Yes, I want to go there. However, I am happy to be home in Hawaii....

Working on raising my frequency daily and receiving so much of the bliss and love chemical here in meditation. Wow, when Venus was in Pisces it was continuous for me. That mixed with self-worth issues fading in and out. AloHA! Yes. Self Worth.

All Aqua risings have Pisces for their self worth and money houses. Its a sensitive sign for that house. But we work with it.

Recently ahhhhh with Mars conjunct North Node in my 5th house, my SOUTH NODE, I have seen alot and felt ALOT big, karmic life lessons and it is sooooo tempting to stay on that track because it feels like a drug. Whoo! 5th house South Node Gemini. Oh yeah babe, 5th house Gemini, anyone know what that means? LOL.

But TRUTH! for a Sag NN is a BIG DEAL. Yes, my truth, the whole truth not just a partial truth or a craft words the way I want truth. Ugh. I have had some super amazing times and big feels recently with some 5th house themes as yummy as my superfood chocolates.

Again, ugh! look the drama in me coming up out of the SN Gemini 5th house which is the natural home of LEO so yes, Drama plus Gemini can you get the picture? LOL. Code for ASTRO GEEKS.

But I am backing off the drug-like illusory temptations of South Node, my friends, yes truly my friends, to get back to where I need to be.

Continuously letting go letting letting go. Detached love. And pouring high frequency loving kindness back into myself (Aquas are getting an entire shift right now. We get to create ourselves this year. Did you get that DL?) and my group of friends and organizations, North Node 11th house Sag.

Do you know what your North and South Nodes of the Moon are? Where does your mind go and stay? That's usually your south node but we are here to pour energy into the North Node, what are our souls have yet to experience, that lies on the other side of the karmic wheel. You can have both if you feed the NN to balance.

You really should know what your North Node is. Need help figuring out what yours is? Love to be of service. If you live Hawaii, I give Hawaii price.