• Shar Veda

Plastic Waste & Traveling.

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

In North America, US/CANADA I am practically a perfect "zero waste." I bring re-usable wares to restaurants and bakeries for take-home. I have my coffee mug and water bottle with me in a day pack and I boil my water when and where I need to. In fact, for the past five months in Vancouver BC, I have not purchased or accepted one piece of plastic into my life and I feel pretty good about that!

But what do we, who care about the environment, do when traveling to developing countries? Last year I spent 6 months in South East Asia and zero waste wasn't an option....

Plastic bottles spilled over my hotel trashcans daily, weekly ... if I allowed them to pile-up, I would have been swimming in plastic inside a month. But what can you do? You need water.

In a few weeks, I arrive in Peru for at least a season and am pondering my plastic waste plan. Like all developing countries, single use plastic is overload in Peru. Administration is finally stepping in to help because it's affecting tourism.... (No plastic in my ceviche) was one plastic plea.

Long term goals for Peru include banning plastic bags and straws by 2021 but what about bottled water? I read Pepsico is finally stepping in to help with recycling which is great but does anyone know the countries long term water plan? And is the best thing for a traveler to do, try and find a local recycling source ?

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