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Best of Vancouver BC 2019.

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

5 months in Vancouver June to October.

I arrived Vancouver BC in June from winter/spring in SouthEast Asia: Laos, Thailand, Hong Kong with a 2 week stop in Mammoth, CA and Philadelphia, PA to visit family. I came here because I needed to be in Pacific Northwest and did not want to pollute with a car or sit in traffic after all the air pollution my flights created. My version of balance. Vancouver is the right choice for that.

It took me three weeks to find a perfect sublet in a neighborhood I liked. So I stayed in a hotel!

But then I found it... a cute little two bedroom in trendy Mt. Pleasant 2800CAD where I sublet July/August. A historic building (1910) with original chandeliers, no yard or deck, but loved it very much short term. Walks to the sports club, Dharma Temple, restaurants, grocery, cafes, outdoor space, and a great massage was a fun part of my daily routine.

No car needed here (99 walkability) and King Edwards Sky Train Station was 1/2 mile away which conveniently transports to YVR Airport. I love flying in and out of here especially international flights.

I bought a Compass card and put a month on it 100CAD. My trips were mostly to the waterfront where I several times visited Pan Pacific Hotel, for spa and to use the rooftop deck for much needed vitamin D. Spa Utopia is pretty good with decently priced services and product lines, loved the pool on the roof, great view and worth a spa treatment just to swim and sun. Of course I found cafes, walks along the waterfront, Trevor Linden Fitness, seaplanes, and the Cactus Club down there when friends visited as well.

September to now, I sublet in Fairview, BC spacious, basic, no view or deck but what I could find for the time I needed, 1700 CAD (photo below) which is nice in it's own way. Here I walk to Whole Foods Cambie, the waterfront (photo above), many cafes, my p.o. box, and Vancouver Laser. It's a hospital neighborhood off Broadway so more traffic and less boutique-ish.

Granville Street shopping is a 10 minute walk and there's a great bakery called Max's 5 away that made the neighborhood that much sweeter for me (read carrot cake and pecan praline in the fridge).

My favorite health and wellness businesses in BC are Dharma Yoga in Mt. Pleasant, kundalini that works, lovely people and Vancouver Laser, best skin clinic in the PNW. I went here for traditional pro-active maintenance of picosure second et...and they just went the extra mile.

Aries full moon this Monday October 14, wraps up a lunar cycle that began April 5 with Aries new moon. I leave BC Tuesday so I have time for a nice family visit in Philadelphia before Peru on first crescent.That is the rule, new act on the crescent. Anyway, thanks so much BC for welcoming me (all except border patrol who gave me a hard time 2x!) I felt safe, spent a lot of $$$ but didn't need a car or insurance, and totally appreciated architecture and beauty of summer and fall!

I did learn a hard lesson though, if you live in the US and plan to visit BC more than a few months and go back and forth between the two countries, be ready for a serious line of questioning from border security. Be ready and able to prove what you are doing and be ready for drug sniffing dogs and cell phone scrolling when/if you even get huffy or feel like I cant believe they're questioning me bc they will (!). I totally appreciate even this though in hindsight as although inconvenient for me it's an important part in national security.

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